Communication Services

Communication with the ship

In case of an emergency, family and friends may call guests on board via a general telephone number. Please note that you can't call the ship directly

The number is: 001-732-335-3284
The costs are about USD 9,50 per minute.

The following information is required:

  • Name of the ship
  • Name of the guest
  • Stateroom number

You will be redirected to the respective ship after having indicated the required information.

Use your mobile phone on board

You can use your own triband mobile phone on board Carnival. Please note that international roaming charges will be conveniently billed to you by your home mobile carrier. Contact your carrier for further information.

Ship-to-shore communication

You can call friends and family via satellite from the stateroom telephone. Information, instructions and rates are found in the ship’s directory in the stateroom. Please note that the communication is via satellite and thus very expensive. It is not possible to use calling cards and credit cards or to make collect calls.

Internet access

The Internet Café is open 24-hours a day and offers the opportunity to get online, whenever and wherever you want. Our entire fleet is equipped with WIFI so that you can go online with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone everywhere on board . We have improved the connection speed and can now offer a higher speed at a lower price. Our Internet Packages are available onboard almost all of our ships and can be booked for single days or the entire duration of the cruise. A package which is valid for the entire cruise will offer more value for money (price depending on the duration of the cruise). The package can be used on different devices (e.g. mobile phone, laptop or tablet), but not on several devices at the same time.

You can choose between three packages  (approximate figures, subject to availability, price when booked on board for the entire cruise):

  • Social Internet: USD 12,75 per person/day , Access to popular social media websites and apps such as Facebook,  What's App and Instagram (no access to the entire internet)
  • Value Internet: USD 17,00 per person/day , Access to the entire internet. This is ideal if you want to check your mails and read the latest news. Broadband services such as Skype or music streaming are not included.
  • Premium Internet: USD 18,70 per person/day, Access to the entire internet with a higher connection speed. Skype is available.
  • Even lower package prices are available online through your Cruise Manager prior to departure. Bookable for 24 hours are the Value (17 USD) and Premium (25 USD) package.


For postcards, there is a mailbox located at the information desk. Stamps are sold at the information desk as well. The postal regulations of the various ports require that the postcards be stamped with a local stamp only.

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